Programming Board

  • hillel

    Becca Levin

    Israel Chair

    Hi! My name is Becca Levin and I am so excited to be the new Israel cohort chair! I am a sophomore in LSA and hail from the lovely city of Cleveland, Ohio. I spent a year in Israel with Nativ, where I lived in Jerusalem and in the Negev. Needless to say, I love all things Israel! I am so appreciative of the diverse support for Israel here at U of M and can’t wait to work with everyone to strengthen that relationship. Please come to me with ideas and just to chat; I’m always around!

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  • hillel

    Jonathan Friedman

    Outreach Chair

    My name is Jonathan Friedman and I am Hillel’s Outreach Cohort Chair this year! I’m from Atlanta, GA, and this year I’d really like to bring some good old Southern Hospitality to Hillel. Basically, if you know of any prospective students who are looking for a place to stay, contact me, and I’ll get them the hook up. Outside of that I’m just a fun loving guy, who enjoys among other things, Dragon Ball Z, Israel, and singing too loudly in the shower.  I’m pretending to enjoy coffee these days, so I’d be happy to partake in that with you, although I’m honestly more inclined to meet up at Pinball Petes.

    With love,

    Jonathan “Jjfreshhh” Friedman

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  • jakeberman

    Jake Berman

    Religious Life Chair

    Hi, I’m Jake Berman, your new Religious Life Chair. I am a sophomore from New Jersey studying business. I got involved with Hillel’s Programming Board because Hillel has basically become a second home for me. This year can be really special and I look forward to working with different students and Hillel groups. If anyone has any ideas they think should be implemented at Hillel, please come and tell me. I want as much student input as possible. Also, discussing possible initiatives is a great way to get Hillel to pay for coffee. Anyway, feel free to email me any time.

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  • hillel

    Shira Wolf

    Culture Chair

    Hi! My name is Shira Wolf and I am so excited to be your Culture Cohort Chair! I am a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Performing Arts Management and Psychology. When I’m not doing something Hillel related, I’m normally either helping out with MUSKET, the schools only student run musical theatre organization, or eating (or talking about) food. If you love theatre, food, culture, or simply want to get a cup of coffee don’t hesitate to contact me!

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  • hillel

    Emily Schottenfels

    Health & Environment Chair

    Hi! My name is Emily Schottenfels. I’m a Junior studying Earth and Environmental Sciences (aka Geology) with a minor in Sustainability. I love running, traveling, rocks, cheese, skiing, and I’m always down for an adventure.  I’m excited be to Hillel’s first Health and Environment Cohort Chair. Hillel and its students have the ability to make awesome changes regarding our changing environment. If you ever want to chit-chat about running techniques, life plans, avocados, just want someone to hang out with or have any issues at all, please contact me  and we can go from there. Go Blue!

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  • hillel

    Henry Sholk

    Social Action Chair

    Hi all! My name is Henry Sholk and I am a sophomore from Baltimore, MD studying Business. I love to travel and do service worldwide and had the opportunity to do so in countries such as China, Kenya and Tanzania during the Gap Year I took before coming to Michigan. Since coming to campus, Hillel has become my 2nd home and I am so excited to be able to serve as your Social Action Chair on the Programming Board. I am an avid sports fan (especially football) and am a huge supporter of my hometown Ravens and Orioles.  My other hobbies include scuba diving and playing guitar. Some of the clubs I am involved around campus include Will Work For Food, WolvPAC and TAMID. I am really looking forward to serving on board and getting to know all of you more.

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  • RebeccaDavid2

    Rebecca David

    Dialogue & Identity Chair

    Hey everybody! My name is Becca David, and I am the new Dialogue and Identity Cohort chair. I am a junior from Boston, MA, double majoring in Biology and Judaic Studies. I am passionate about Hillel and am so excited to have the opportunity to be the chair of this new cohort. Some of my other interests include Israel, coffee, pugs, Yiddish, and chipatis. Email me if you ever want to get coffee and chat about Hillel or anything else!

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