Cafe Hours and Menu



  • Lunch 12 pm – 2 pm, Dinner 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Pricing: Lunch $10 for students, $12 for non-students; Dinner $12 for students, $15 for non-students

Chef Emil prepares incredible kosher food under the supervision of Rabbi Glogower.  Open to the public; closed on Saturdays.

  • dinner menu 11/20/14

    soups: matza ball or creamy tomato

    salads: house, caesar, or spinach & strawberries


    beef & black bean burrito, rice, guacamole, roasted tomato salsa, cumin crema, cilantro

    bbq veal roast, homemade bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts & red cabbage slaw

    moroccan chicken tagine with apricot & olives, sweet potato barley, fresh parsley

    tilapia filet, spicy red pepper sauce, roasted yukon potatoes, carrots, and beet, roasted asparagus

    stuffed red pepper with portabella, onion, & spinach, linguine pasta with tomato sauce, basil garlic oil

    fried falafel, tahini sauce, mjaddera, cucumber tomato salad

    desserts: red velvet cake, strawberry tart, mini pecan pie


  • Lunch menu 11/20

    Soup: creamy tomato, matza ball

    Salad: house, caesar or spinach, strawberry and walnut with blueberry vin.

    Deli: turkey, turkey pastrami, pastrami, roast beef, egg salad, tuna salad or chicken salad

    Deli sides: coleslaw, chips and a pickle

    Specials: lamb burger with israeli dressing and deli sides

    asian beef tacos with rice, garlic sauce and green onions

    sauteed pasta with smoked salmon, veg and tomato sauce

    stuffed pepper over barley and green beans

  • dinner menu 11/19/14

    soups: matza ball (vegetarian available) or beef barley

    salads: house, caesar, or spinach with strawberry & walnuts


    braised beef with sun dried tomato & mushroom risotto, sauteed spinach & portabella mushrooms

    veal roast with sage, orange, and garlic, roasted brussels sprouts, toasted barley

    lemon rosemary chicken quarter, roasted yukon potatoes, carrots, kale

    tilapia filet with lemon & pepper, green beans with almonds, mashed potatoes, spicy red pepper sauce

    linguine with chicken breast, tomato sauce, & garlic basil oil

    moroccan spiced falafel, curried rice pilaf, roasted eggplant & peppers

    desserts: brownie, red velvet cake, strawberry tart, fried plantains with candied nuts



  • Lunch 11/19/14

    Soups: veg. matza ball or beef barley.

    Salads: house, caesar or spinach.

    Deli: turkey, turkey or beef pastrami, roast beef, tuna salad, egg salad or chicken salad.

    Deli sides: coleslaw, chips and a pickle.

    Specials: beef or lamb burger with spicy pepper sauce and deli sides.

    Hot pulled BBQ beef sandwich with deli sides.

    Chipotle chicken tacos with rice, guacamole and cumin jalapeno crema.

    Linguini with sauteed pepper and onions with tomato sauce.

  • dinner menu 11/18/14

    soups: matza ball, beef & barley, or parsnip vegetable

    saladS: house, caesar, or beet & strawberry


    bbq shredded beef, sweet potato mash, mustard green beans

    lamb & potato curry, basmati rice, cucumber raita

    lemon rosemary chicken, roasted potatoes & carrots, sauteed kale

    pan seared smoked salmon cakes, roasted fingerling potatoes, spinach & arugula, spicy red pepper sauce

    linguine with slow cooked tomato sauce, chicken breast & basil garlic oil

    portobello mushroom or chipotle chicken fajitas, flour tortillas, guacamole, cumin jalapeno crema


    brownies, pecan pie bars, fried plantains with sugared pecans