2021 Shabbat

As always, Hillel staff and student leaders are looking forward to being with our community for Shabbat services, meals, and moments of connection.  If you plan to Shabbat with us, please read this page for all the details you need!! 

Some important notes:

  1. Shabbat meal registration will be required for everyone who plans to eat a meal from the Hillel kitchen by Tuesday at 5PM each week! This is true if you are hosting a meal, participating in a meal, or want a meal just for yourself, and is to help our kitchen to prepare individually packaged meals for all of our meal offerings. 
  2. Registration will also be required for services. In-person services will require registration by Friday at 12PM so that we can confirm we have the right amount of space for the number of people coming to services. There is no deadline to register for virtual services.

Shabbat Services:

Register for Orthodox Services.
Contact Elior at eliorw@umich.edu or Lucy lucyco@umich.edu to get involved. 

Register for Reform Services.
Contact Dena at denalevy@umich.edu with questions or to get involved!

Register for Conservative Services.
Contact Aviva at avivan@umich.edu with questions or to get involved!

Shabbat Dinner with Hillel: 

There are FOUR ways to do Shabbat dinner with Hillel and you can sign up for any option on the same form (linked below)

  • Sign up for a meal at Hillel (Each week different students will be invited to dine at Hillel).
  • You can pick up an individually packaged meal for yourself
  • You can Host a small group at your own home and get catering from Hillel’s kitchen OR 
  • Cook the meal you want to host and get reimbursed for your groceries, for up to 10 people

 Everyone needs to register by TUESDAY at 5pm for meals from Hillel’s kitchen.


Shabbat Connect:

Not sure about how to find community? Want to connect with a peer about Shabbat and life on campus? Fill out our Get Connected form,

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