• Hillel is an environment that is always welcoming, whether you're interested in some of the formal opportunities offered or whether you are hoping for an opportunity to casually interact with other students that share your faith. Rebecca, K. - Deerfield, IL


If you’re a University of Michigan alum reading this page, we hardly need to tell you that U-M alums remain passionately loyal to their University, particularly during football season.  Just think about what it feels like to walk down the street or through an airport and see someone wearing maize and blue, or even better, Michigan-in-Hebrew gear!  “Go Blue” and a spirited conversation about respective experiences on campus are sure to follow.  This occurrence happens so often because the University of Michigan has the largest alumni base of any American university.

The number of U-M Jewish alumni, too, is also quite large. This is partly because U-M was one of the first major state schools to admit large numbers of Jews and because Michigan has a national reputation for being a great school for Jewish students. As a result, our student community and alumni population have helped to make our Hillel one of the most active and vibrant you will find on any campus across the country – encouraging, empowering, and nurturing students through diverse paths all along their college life Jewish journeys.

Just as you support us by sharing stories of your time on campus and by financially supporting Jewish life on campus, so too, do we want to support you as alumni. There are many ways to stay connected and stay involved that we would love to partner in. Stay informed of Hillel and campus happenings, mentor an undergraduate student, help recent graduates settle into the community you live in, or just hear what other Jewish alumni are up to.

Please fill out our Where Are You Now form to share your own new happenings and interests (and let us know you need a Michigan mezuzah for your new home or a Michigan in Hebrew onesie for your family’s new addition).

As always, thank you for checking in and forever, Go Blue.