Michigan Hillel Alumni Network

Chicago Alumni, August 2015

Chicago Alumni, August 2015

Your space to connect.

The Michigan Hillel Alumni Network is a nationwide program for our grads to continue their (amazing!) Hillel and U of M experience wherever they live.

Through this new program, we look forward to helping our alums:

  • Connect with each other. Find out who’s living in your area or recent grads moving there. Form new friendships and expand social networks by joining local Hillel events happening near you.
  • Connect with us. Stay in the loop of what’s happening around Ann Arbor. Join us back here for Homecoming Weekend events, Shabbat dinners, or just to say hi to Tilly and the rest of the staff!
  • Maintain the “Hillel Hype”: We know we are the leaders and best. Keep up our reputation by spreading the good word about Michigan Hillel and giving back to support our student groups and programs.

Let’s Get Started:

Our four pilot cities for this year are Chicago, NYC, Boston and Washington, D.C. Check back here for updates and upcoming events.

Interested in getting in touch with alums in your area, planning an event or expanding the Network to your city? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Tali Ribnick Baruch at [email protected]

The first event is National Alumni ShabUM (SHa-BOOM). Shabbat across UM was an initiative started last year to bring Shabbat into students’ homes. Hillel closed its doors for Shabbat dinner and instead of one big dinner at Hillel, 800 students celebrated Shabbat at 52 dinners across campus. This year, we’re taking it one step further. On November 20th, ShabUM will take place again in Ann Arbor, and that same evening, we will have alumni shabbat dinners taking place all across the country.

Click here to sign up to host a dinner, or to attend a dinner in your area!

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