Birthright Israel


Experience the trip of a lifetime as you explore Israel for ten days with other University of Michigan students! The trip is completely free!

We will be offering two different Birthright Israel Trips this summer:

Trip 1: Sunday, May 5th – Thursday, May 16th
Trip 2: Sunday, May 12th – Wednesday, May 22nd


Spots fill up fast – register and reserve your spot now!

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Student Testimonials

“Birthright Hillel is an unparalleled experience- the sights, sounds, and tastes of Israel could not have been better explored than with them. I greatly enjoyed my ten days there, and know that I not only experienced a new culture, but learned so much more about myself and my religion as well as made long lasting friendships. I could not have asked for anything better!”

– Max Meyerson, Class of 2020


“I am so glad that I chose to go on Birthright through Hillel because the friendships I forged and experiences I had would not have otherwise been possible. It’s so special to be able to not only have that kind of transformative experience that Birthright offers, but also bring it home with you in the form of a new community. I would go on Birthright again in a heartbeat.”
– Melanie Taylor, Class of 2022


Curious about what this trip is all about?

Check out a sample itinerary:

Day 1:
Welcome to Israel! Drive to Jaffa, the ancient gateway to the Holy Land which  saw the arrival of pilgrims and conquerors from the days of the Bible through the modern age. Enjoy a guided tour through the ancient city’s quaint and meandering alleyways.


Day 2: 
Experience the diversity of Israel and meet a women’s rights activist within the Bedouin society. Travel to a Bedouin encampment for a  traditional Bedouin experience including a camel ride, a Hafla inner, and an overnight in a Bedouin tent.


Day 3: 
Rise and shine to a beautiful day in the Judean desert! Ascend the ancient Masada fortress and learn about the fascinating Jewish identity conflict that occurred here 2,000 years ago. Now off to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, where you can float on the water and cover yourself with its moisturizing mud! Drive to Jerusalem and enjoy a night out in downtown Jerusalem where cafes, clubs and pubs make the night come alive.


Day 4: 
Tour through the ancient streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, where you can relive its 3,000 years of Jewish history. Visit the Kotel (Western Wall), one of the holiest places for Jews today, and have the opportunity to experience this remnant of the ancient Jewish temple in Jerusalem.  


Day 5: 
It’s Friday, which means that Jerusalem is bustling as everyone prepares for Shabbat! Stroll through the Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem’s legendary open-air market, where you can taste ethnic foods from the various communities that comprise Israel’s diverse population. Celebrate Shabbat with a choice of services, a delicious Shabbat dinner, and a fun Shabbat Oneg.


Day 6: 
Hear from an expert about the geopolitical realities in Israel and in it’s broader neighborhood. Enjoy a festive Shabbat lunch, followed by a special Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Conclude Shabbat with a musical Havdalah ceremony.


Day 7: 
Visit Israel’s national cemetery, Mount Herzl, and pay tribute to the leaders who built and continue to fight for the State of Israel. Afterwards, tour the Yad Vashem Memorial Complex, a world-renowned center dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.


Day 8: 
Walk the streets of Tel Aviv and explore the world class graffiti art while learning about the fascinating artists who created them. Enjoy lunch and a leisurely afternoon walking around Tel Aviv on your own along with friends. Drive North towards the Sea of the Galilee and enjoy a relaxing evening at a Kibbutz guesthouse.


Day 9: 
Drive to Tzfat, one of the four holy Jewish cities, which has long been a center for Jewish mystics and artists. After hearing from a local artist of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), walk through the picturesque alleyways and experience its unique spirit. Then visit an organic farm for a taste from the garden and a conversation about community responsibility.


Day 10: 
Rev up for an off the road Jeep ride along the dirt roads of the Golan Heights, exploring its natural beauty and its strategic significance to Israel. Enjoy a beautiful nature walk along the Banias River, and then travel up Mount Bental, which overlooks the Syrian border, for a fresh understanding of the complex between Israel and its neighbors.




Birthright Israel is an innovative partnership between the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, private philanthropists through the Birthright Israel Foundation and Jewish communities around the world (North American Jewish Federations, Keren Hayesod, and The Jewish Agency for Israel).

This trip is a gift from Birthright Israel.

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