Chai Society

Michigan Hillel’s Chai Society is a special supporter group comprised of active and invested parents, alumni, and community members. Chai Society members have generously contributed $1,800 or more throughout the academic/fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30. Supporters may always pledge now and pay later before June 30.

We gratefully acknowledge their support through many special incentives for a student(s) of their choice:

  • Complimentary High Holiday meal or complimentary Passover meal*
  • Two Grab & Go sandwiches from our Hillel Cafe
  • One branded t-shirt (ie. Michigan in Hebrew or Wherever You Go, Go Blue) by pick-up only
  • +For freshmen students, Early Access status to our First Year Students Retreat (48 hrs advance), plus waived registration fees (UM’s required $TBD early move-in fee + Hillel retreat $TBD program fee)

* For accurate counts needed by our Chef, students must register for their High Holiday meal and Passover meal (excluding Seder) and it will be refunded to your card after the holidays.

As well as bonus incentives for Chai Society supporters:

  • Early Access status providing up to 4 tickets within our Hillel Reserved Football Block
  • Maize & Blue Chanukah Candles
  • Leadership Lapel Pin for first-time joiners
  • Special recognition in our Annual Report
  • Personal thank you call from our very appreciative students leaders

To ensure you and your student receive all goodies possible over the academic year,
we recommend you express your interest as early as possible.

Thank you, as always, for your generous and thoughtful support of our
6,500 Jewish students at the University of Michigan.