Club Mem

Welcome to our new group, Club Mem, specifically designed to ensure first-year students and parents feel the Hillel love right from the start! Club Mem is open to all parents of new freshmen and transfer students. Through an early contribution of $500, Club Mem parents have expressed an early interest and investment in helping our Hillel offer unique and impactful programs for new students at UofM.

As members of Club Mem, first- year students and parents will receive:

  • EARLY ACCESS(!) to our Parents Weekend/Homecoming Weekend Reserved Football Block, including any of the two additional games we are granted by the Athletic Dept. This will be a sold out block and sold out game. (Note: up to four tickets available per family only)
  • Freshmen Overnight Retreat registration waived (Note: the $50 online fee will be refunded post-retreat and retreat registration provides early move-in as well)
  • Your choice of direct-to-their-dorm Apples & Honey gift bag (delivered before the High Holidays)
    OR a Winter Warm-Up package (delivered prior to Valentine’s Day)
  • $15 in Cafe Cash to use at our Hillel Cafe
  • Two parent dinners at our annual Parents & Family Shabbat during Parents Weekend
  • Personal invitation to your student by one of our Michigan Mensches for a first semester check-in coffee date
  • Club Mem reusable woven grocery bag given at our Open House Luncheon during Parents Weekend
  • Michigan Hillel notepad
  • Michigan-in-Hebrew t-shirt

Learn about about our Chai Society of Supporters here too!

Get Connected

Parent Ambassadors for Michigan Hillel are always willing to chat and share with others – often answering questions and providing advice and feedback as seasoned UofM parents. We encourage you to connect hundreds of Hillel parents through our closed Facebook group. You can also reach out to Stacy Carroll, Director of Advancement, at (734) 548-6273 or [email protected] to be connected with an amazing UofM parent … like our past Parent Ambassador Council Chair, Corinne Cott, or our Board of Trustees member Nanci Africk.

Thank You to Our 2019-20 Club Mem Freshmen Families!

Miriam & Todd Bakal
Greer & Arthur Braun
Craig Comiter & Linda Fresco
Julie & Richard Cuenca
Iris Engelson & Hyman Rosen
Suzanne & Jonathan Fellows
Shari Gersten & David Rosenblatt
Randi & Josh Grimes
Susan & Eric Hailman
Lawrence Kaplan
Nelson Koen & Sally Ruben de Koen
Daniel and Natasha Labovitz
Susan & Jeff Levin
Ann & Scott Lieberman
Teri & Harlan Meyer
Carlos Moglianesi & Caryn Miller
Joan & David Moss
Nurit & Richard Robin
Lisa & Gary Schlager
Stacey & Robert Selkin
Ellen & David Sherman
Lauren & Bob Stone
Karen & Mitchell Tenzer
Melanie & Howard Weisenfeld
Sheryl & Stuart Wernick

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