Governing Board

Hillel’s Undergraduate Governing Board Statement on Recent Hateful Messages

Hillel leadership has heard of many students at the University of Michigan who have received hateful messages regarding their stance on Israel or the CSG statement. Whether Jewish, Palestinian, a supporter of the CSG statement or against it or neutral, we want to make it clear that we condemn any harmful messages being sent to other students. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no one should be using their anger in a way that hurts others.



If you have felt personally targeted or hurt by any of these comments, we encourage you to report them to the Dean of Students Office.


If you are in need of emotional support at this time, counseling services are available through CAPS throughout the summer.


And as always, our Hillel staff and student leadership are here if you are looking for someone from our community to talk to.

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat and encouraging you to take healthy social media breaks. Shabbat Shalom.