Parents Network

As much as we are excited to welcome your student to campus  – we are just as excited to welcome you to your own new, incredible network of Wolverine parents!  You, too, are now part of one of the most vibrant Jewish college communities.  Our staff and our parents are here to support you in any way we can.  Please do not hesitate to use us as a resource for questions, concerns,  sending your sick student matzo ball soup, and more.  We hope you will become an active member of the Michigan Hillel Parents Network through some of the events and activities listed below.

Parent Ambassador Council (PAC)

With nearly 60 student-led groups supported by Michigan Hillel, parents can have their own Hillel experience too! Our Parent Ambassador Council (PAC), as its name denotes, is our parent-led group responsible for: 1) advising Hillel staff and our Board of Trustees on initiatives and programs and 2) serving as ambassadors for our mission in local communities nationwide. Our Parent Ambassadors will often review lists of incoming freshmen, host Meet & Greets, coordinate fundraising and awareness events in their local communities, check in on freshmen families early in the year, and more. Parent Ambassadors are always willing to communicate with others, answering questions and sharing experiences as U-M parents.  To learn more about PAC and its opportunities for involvement, please be in touch with Stacy Carroll, Director of Advancement at (734) 548-6273 or [email protected] or you may contact our PAC Chair, Corinne Cott.

*Save the Date! VIP & PAC Luncheon on Friday, November 3 from 1-3 PM. 

Summer Meet & Greet Series

Several years ago, we began hosting “Meet & Greets” across the country for incoming students and their parents to mix and mingle with current students, our Berman fellows and Hillel staff.  Parents on our Parent Ambassador Council (PAC) serve as Meet & Greet hosts, generously inviting all into their homes – and into the Michigan Wolverine family.  Our program, interactive for both students and parents, often consists of a warm welcome by Tilly Shames, Executive Director, announcement of Welcome Week events, Hillel Cafe and Shabbat dinner info, and a lively Q&A session. As we’ve found incoming students embarking upon the college experience need social, emotional, spiritual support and more, so too do their parents.  These events continue to prove wonderfully successful in welcoming students into the vibrant and diverse Jewish community that is Michigan Hillel. For our full schedule of Meet & Greets being held across the country, please visit our home page in August.  If interested in hosting a Meet & Greet for UofM Hillel – thank you! – and please contact us at [email protected].

Wolverine Family Events

As a compliment to our Meet & Greets, we also host an “Welcome to Campus Freshmen Family Dinner” during move-in.  New Wolverine families join fellow freshmen and their families for a delicious meal at the Hillel Cafe prepared by our talented in-house chef, Emil Boch. Hillel staff and current students are present to answer any questions and give tours of the building’s auditorium, lounge, study rooms and more.

Parents & Family Weekend Shabbat Dinner” is a must-attend – not only to enjoy the gourmet food, but to see for yourself the hundreds of students gathering at Hillel for dinner each Friday night.  Our services, of which there are four, are always optional to attend and dinner each week is free for students. Parents will kvell with pride at the beauty of a strong Jewish community cultivated by UofM students.

We hope parents will join their students at Hillel any time they visit the university for Shabbat dinner and other special event like Homecoming Shabbat and Passover meals. Parents can visit our Events Calendar for dates, times and to reserve seats.

Michigan Hillel Parents Facebook Group

And as mentioned on our Message to Parents page, U-M parents can also connect via social media through our closed Facebook group, Michigan Hillel Parents. To join, simply login to your account on and type “Michigan Hillel Parents” in the search box. After selecting the group, click ‘Join Group’ in the upper right hand corner.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at any number of our parent and student events. Contact Stacy directly to get involved at (734) 548-6273 or [email protected].

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