2020 High Holidays


High Holidays for 2020 have concluded. Below is all the information about this year’s holiday programming. Stay tuned for information about Passover.


The themes of the High Holidays are ever so relevant during this difficult and strange time…. reflection, re-aligning ourselves with our priorities, (re)discovering our best selves. Though High Holidays won’t look quite like they have in the past, we have put together a number of offerings for communal connection, prayer, and personal reflection. 

See below for more details and registration.

Quick links will take you to things like: Shofar service options, meal registrations, and classes.

Feeling like its a lot to navigate? Book a 15 minute meeting with a Hillel staff member to talk through what would work best for you. Find us here: Rav Lisa Haley Sean Or Tara Caroline Tilly Rav Jared

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Our New Platform!

We are so excited to introduce you to Michigan Hillel’s NEW online community-designed for you to join, create, and enjoy Jewish community on campus. In order to access it, you first have to update your student info card. Then, head to the platform to start exploring! You’ll find everything here, from Shabbat & High Holidays, to our many student groups, Hillel-wide events and peer-led programming. Specifically for the high holidays, you’ll be able to use the platform to register for different meals, sign-up for different services, RSVP for alternative programming and even host your own meal. Any questions? Email Haley (haleysch@umich.edu)


Pre-Holiday Prep & Learning Rosh Hashanah Services   Yom Kippur Services  

Register for a Meal

Hear the Shofar 

Experiences for the Days Between

DIY resources for self-reflection or peer-led group experiences

Pre-Holiday Prep & Learning

Join Hillel staff for some preparatory experiences getting us ready for the new year! 

Highlights of the Holidays LIVE podcast recording with Rav Lisa: 

  • Are the tunes of the important High Holiday prayers the way you get into the holiday spirit? Join Rav Lisa for 20 minute interactive session on some of the High Holidays most important prayers, including the melodies that connect us to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: 
    • Avinu Malkeinu: God’s Image | Thursday, Sept 10 8pm
    • Unetaneh Tokef: Our Power and Powerlessness | Sunday, Sept 13 4pm
    • The Shofar Service: Humility and Audacity | Wednesday, Sept 16 4pm
    • Kol Nidrei and praying with Imperfect | Tuesday, Sept 22, 4pm
    • Vidui and Al Chet- Confession and Apology | Thursday Sept 24 4pm
  • Want an alternative to streaming services? Listen to the recordings on the holidays themselves while cooking dinner, or on a walk around your neighborhood.

Sacred Space Making: Wednesday Sept 14 6pm

How can we make our space feel special when participating in High Holiday services and programs through zoom? Join Rav Lisa and Caroline to take part in a hands-on workshop where we will create a small display for your room, including a blessing for the space. Students will be able to pick up supplies from Hillel during the day on Wednesday, 9/16 to assemble their creation over our zoom call later that evening. This opportunity is perfect to help physically and mentally frame your space as we get ready to bring in 5781!

A Note About Services:

This year, we are looking forward to bringing in the holidays with staff and student led evening services with an Erev Rosh Hashanah service led by Reform Community on Friday, 9.18, and a Kol Nidre Service Led by Conservative Minyan on Sunday, 9/27. Both services will be on Zoom, and will have interactive components. Please see below for other service details, and register on our new platform! 

We also have access to streamed Conservative Student led services streamed from our fellow Hillel colleague Rabbi Julie Roth at Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life. Contact Rav Lisa for details

Orthodox ServicesThere will be a limited number of spots available for Orthodox services due to the social distancing requirements and limits on gatherings. Reservations must be made in advance. Contact Rav Jared for more info.

For those who are coming from home synagogues, feel free to stream your home community services, and get a taste of home and a taste of Hillel with our meals and alternative programs. 

You can register for access to the Hillel International Higher Holiday services to stream on your own! Register here: https://higherholidays.org/

“Beyond the Book” Hillel International and Reboot are also offering really interesting and short alternative experiences you can stream, all with the same registration! 

If you are looking for other services to attend virtually, please contact Rav Lisa

Rosh Hashanah Services:

Erev Rosh Hashanah – Friday, September 18: 
Our Reform Rosh Hashanah service will be a night for our community to come together to celebrate the New Year through song and prayer. We cannot wait to usher in the New Year all together and reflect over our growth this past year. Even though we can’t be together in person, you will still have the opportunity to feel truly connected to your Jewish community with our immersive service program!

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 – Saturday Sept 19: 
Supercharged Rosh Hashanah: Spiritually uplifting Reform-style services led by master prayer-weaver Rabbi Nikki Deblosi, PhD and singer-songwriter Maya Elise, featuring students and special guests from around the world. Join us as we stream these with an interactive component for our community! 
Details and registration on our new platform!

Rosh Hashanah Resolutions with Or: Sunday, Sept 20:

What would you like this year to look like for you? What is my story this year? Where do we even start? Join Or for an hour of self reflection using different writing techniques to write the first few words of YOUR New Jewish Year.

Hear the Shofar!

Friday 9/18 and Sunday 9/20
We are planning to blow Shofar in different areas on campus and at a few different times. You can register for a spot at an in-person Shofar service, or just open your window on Sunday when we come by your area to hear the Shofar! Details of timing and locations will be posted soon.


BIG NEWS: Friday night, Erev Rosh Hashanah, is also Shabbat, which means dinner is FREE for all students! These free meals can be reserved through our new platform. 

  • There will be meal pick-up on Thursday from 5pm-9pm
  • There will be limited residence hall delivery on Friday from 5:30pm-7:00pm 

All other holiday meals that are available for purchase must be reserved here:

  • Lunches are $15
  • Dinners are $18

Through our new platform, you can also sign-up to host your own Holiday meal, cook your own food, and get reimbursed $10/person for up to 10 people. Visit our Host at Home Page for detailed instructions, or connect with Haley for a tutorial.

Experiences for the Days Between:

Ten Days Virtual Boot Camp for the Soul with Tilly!
Ten days of Tzedekah Challenge with the Volunteer Coordinators
Reverse Tashlikh and Jews in Canoes with Outdoor Adventure!
Download Rav Lisa’s Guided Tashlikh podcast as you walk outside to do tashlikh on your own

Processing our Losses, An alternative to Yizkor Thursday, September 24 6pm

Yom Kippur Services:

Kol Nidre
Sunday, September 27, 6pm 
Join Conservative Minyan for a communal Kol Nidre service, with prayer and song, over Zoom!

Yom Kippur Morning, September 28  10am
Uplifting Yom Kippur: Spiritually uplifting Reform-style services led by master prayer-weaver Rabbi Nikki Deblosi, PhD and singer-songwriter Maya Elise, featuring students and special guests from around the world. Join us as we stream musical and creative Reform-style services produced by Hillel International, with an interactive component for our community! Reflect on who you want to be in this coming year through the music, themes and ideas of Yom Kippur. Hear student voices on the burning issues of the day, join together for aliyot to the Torah, and reflect on the role of mental health in our wellness and wellbeing with Dean Varun Soni, PhD, dean of religious life at the University of Southern California.

Yom Kippur afternoon 1pm learning session:
Learning from Jonah: On Disappointment and Forgiveness

Yom Kippur Yizkor Service September 28th 4pm: 
Join Rav Lisa for a Yizkor service to remember our loved ones who have died recently and in year passed, and to reflect on the past 6 months of loss due to the national pandemic.

Pre-fast and Break-Fast Meal Information coming soon!


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