The Shabbat Committee

The Shabbat Committee

The Shabbat Committee is a group of 5-8 students who help make Shabbat happen at Hillel from start to finish! They meet at the beginning of each week for 1-1.5 hours to discuss Shabbat logistics and programming.

Mission Statement:

The Shabbat Committee strives to make Shabbat at Hillel a welcoming and meaningful experience for all attendees. We work with Hillel leadership and outside organizations to coordinate logistics and ensure that Shabbat runs smoothly and is actively inclusive of diverse practices.  The Shabbat Committee works to creatively express the Shabbat themes of community, rest, separation from the school week, tradition, and joy.

Have a thought/comment/question/idea for the Shabbat Committee? Email us at:

If you are interested in joining the Shabbat committee, please contact Rav Lisa ( to discuss the aspects of Shabbat that are meaningful to you, and your interests!

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