Grad Students

Welcome to the University of Michigan Jewish Graduate Student Community! We aspire to be like visiting a distant cousin who, despite meeting for the first time, shows you around town and makes you feel at home. We throw socials when you get to campus, host you for the Jewish holidays, and connect you with the resources to organize your own community events.  The University of Michigan has one of the largest Jewish graduate student communities in the nation. Our graduate student community organizations are here for you, and we look forward to meeting you.

The Graduate Student Community

jGrad is the hub for the Jewish graduate student community. As a student-led organization, our goal is for all graduate students across the University’s 19 schools and colleges to feel that they belong… including you. Beyond weekly graduate student Shabbat dinners with Michigan Hillel, our events have included parties, an overnight retreat, brunches discussing Jewish perspectives on “taboo topics”, hosting local Holocaust survivors, organizing our own Passover seders, and hanging out at local events in Ann Arbor. We are a collaborative organization and partner with Michigan Hillel, the school-specific Jewish graduate student groups, and our peer student groups on campus.

We are always recruiting leaders who reflect the diversity of our community, and seek to connect students with resources so that they can create their own programs and micro-communities. Contact Alexa Miller at to learn more and get connected.