Student Groups

Dialogue & Identity - Program Board Contact Aaron Cahen

Groups that explore intersectional identities through dialogue or discourse.

  • hillel
    Pursuit of Justice

    Pursuit of Justice is a space within Hillel that allows its members to learn about and engage with social justice issues that affect our local university community and the greater Ann Arbor area.

    • Emily Zonder
  • Ahava
    Ahava – LGBTQ Community

    The Jewish LGBTQ & friends group at U-M, AHAVA (love in Hebrew), provides a relaxed atmosphere where people from diverse Jewish backgrounds can feel comfortable. We often partner with the Spectrum Center, the office of LGBT Affairs at U-M. We also sponsor guest speakers to lead discussions on topics relevant to our lives. Past speakers have included Rabbi Steven Greenberg and Danny Savitch, Director of Jerusalem’s Open House. We also hold the widely acclaimed Annual Flaming Menorah Hanukkah Party each year.

    • Davey Rosen
  • Ask Big Questions UM Logo
    Ask Big Questions (ABQ)

    Ask Big Questions brings diverse college students together for conversations that help people understand themselves and others. These conversations, facilitated in partnership with a variety of student organizations, create community and spark action. 

    • Nikki Kleiman-Moran
    • Rav Lisa
  • Breaking Barriers
    Breaking Barriers

    Breaking Barriers connects Jewish students with non-Jewish peers; recognizing that as Jews, we learn about ourselves given the opportunity to learn about other peoples’s cultures and religions. Through collaborative social events with other cultural and ethnic groups, we offer both student groups the opportunity to bring a bite of their culture to the table.

    • Noah Betman
  • CONSIDER updatedlogo

    Consider: is a student-run organization at the University of Michigan, which creates a platform for non-partisan civil discourse on issues of campus, local, and national significance. Through four channels: a bi-weekly print publication, open forums, an online blog, and an online forum, students and faculty can express their opinions on a range of issues, while also learning from the opinions of others. We are committed to serving as a platform for serious engagement, learning, and challenging ideas.

    For more information
  • GoldenAppleAward
    Golden Apple

    The Golden Apple Award annually conducts a campus-wide nomination process inviting the entire U-M student body to select the U-M professor who they consider to be the best lecturer on campus each year. The recipient of the Golden Apple Award is recognized at an award ceremony and asked to give the lecture he or she would want to give if it were the last one of the professor’s career. The Golden Apple Award and Lecture is the only teaching award at the University of Michigan bestowed by the students. The Golden Apple Award was inspired by the teaching of a 3rd century sage, Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrkanos, who professed in the pages of the Talmud, “Get your life in order one day before you die,” reminding us that all of us should be giving our ideal last lectures every day.

    • Erica and Talya
    For more information
  • hillel


  • hillel
    Forum on Gender and Judaism

    Jewish Women’s Forum (JWF) is a Hillel organization dedicated to creating a safe space for exploring the intersection of gender and Judaism. JWF meets every other week in an effort to discuss relevant topics pertaining to the identities of Jewish women. The meeting format includes open dialogue, guest speakers, text based learning, and more. Each meeting will either be open to all identities or specified for people who identify as women.

    JWF meets every other Wednesday a 6:00pm in the Hillel Building (1429 Hill St.) unless otherwise noted. Check the Hillel events calendar for our next meeting date. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about JWF please contact Annie Jacobson ([email protected]) or Sara Lebow ([email protected]).

    • Sara Lebow
    • Annie Jacobson

Israel - Program Board Contact Josh Flink

The Israel Cohort is an umbrella collaboration of student groups from the University of Michigan that promote student support for and engagement with Israel. We encourage and nurture diverse ways for students to shape their perspective and raise awareness regarding Israel on campus. With different events happening on a regular basis, the Israel Cohort strives to create an open and vibrant environment for interested students on campus.

  • AMI Logo2
    American Movement for Israel

    The American Movement for Israel (AMI) is an open, multi-opinioned, pro-Israel student group that strives to educate about and advocate for the State of Israel through cultural, social, and political events, while also engaging the pro-Israel community and connecting all pro-Israel students on campus both to each other and to the State of Israel. 

    • Natan Gorod
    • David Woldenberg
    For more information
  • I-LEAD
    I-LEAD (Israel Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, & Dialogue)

    I-LEAD provides an engaging environment where thought-provoking conversation and education can take place regarding the modern-day State of Israel. We fully support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish democratic state, as well as its right to defend itself.

    • Talia Katz
    • Jo Cohen
    For more information
  • david project
    David Project Fellows

    The David Project positively shapes campus opinion on Israel by educating, training, and empowering student leaders to be thoughtful, strategic and persuasive advocates.

    • Liraz Cohen
  • JStreetU

    J Street UMich combines active US Congressional lobbying, educational initiatives and community activities to advocate for a peaceful and just two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. Our primary mission is to promote a pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-Peace stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    • Max Ledersnaider
    • Ari Schoenburg
    For more information
  • Masa-Israel-Engagement-Internship-logo
    Masa Israel Internship

    Masa means journey in Hebrew and the Masa Israel Engagement Internship connects Jewish young adults to study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs in Israel. Through these immersive experiences, lasting between five and twelve months, participants develop a deet, personal connection to Israel. interns are you resource on campus to learn about academic, volunteer, and internship opportunities in Israel.

    • Marti Silver
    • Rina Steinberg
  • Tamidlogo
    TAMID Israel Investment Group

    The TAMID Israel Investment Group connects business minded students with Israel’s growing economy. TAMID fundraises money to invest in Israeli securities, works directly with Israeli start-ups via consulting, and TAMID sends students on a fellowship program over the summer to intern in Israel.

    • Saul Feit
    For more information
  • Print

    WolvPac’s purpose is to provide students, regardless of their American or Israeli political leanings, the opportunity to create tangible ties between our campus and Israel. This is done through working with campus and community leaders, as well as meeting with congressional leaders.

    • Aaron Cahen
    • Natalie Bloom
    For more information

Religious Life - Program Board Contact Ben Cher

Groups that provide various Jewish religious services and learning.

  • Conservative-Minyan
    Conservative Minyan

    The conservative minyan provides a traditional egalitarian service while offering a welcoming and casual atmosphere.  Join us weekly for student led Friday night Shabbat services including a musical kabbalat shabbat, enlightening d’var torah, and meaningful maariv. We also hold occasional social events on Shabbat day or during the week throughout the year. Contact Ben Richer or Sam Rumack to get on the email list or for more information.

    • Sam Rumack
    • Ben Richer
    For more information
    Orthodox Minyan (O-Minyan)

    The O-Minyan serves the Orthodox community at the U-M. We offer weekday services in the morning and late afternoon/evening with the Ann Arbor Orthodox Minyan, full Shabbat services, meals at Hillel or community member homes, fun bonding events and learning opportunities throughout the week, and much more, all within an open and warm community.

    • Saul Feit
    • Kevin Wolf
    • Elana Rosenthal
    For more information
  • The Reform Minyan Logo
    Reform Community of Hillel

    The Reform Community of Hillel is a place for students to express their Judaism in a way that is meaningful to them. From our music filled Shabbat services to our many cultural and social events, the Reform Community provides students with opportunities to meet other Jewish Students and find their place at Hillel.

    • Anna Leemon
    • Daniel Pearlman
    For more information
  • hillel
    Shalva Minyan

    Shalva (which is the Hebrew word for contentment) is a Friday night service where women and men sit separately with a mechitza (partition), and both lead parts of the service. Shalva is known for its spirited singing, and hosts other social and educational programs during the year.

    • Becca Levin
    • Jonathan Friedman
    • Alexandra Rosenbaum

Social Action - Program Board Contact Sarah Parkes

Groups that pursue the values of tzedakah and tikkun olam - charity and repairing the world.

  • Baking for BRCA Logo SQUARE
    Baking for BRCA

    Through campus involvement, our mission is to create meaningful experiences, a good group of people who want to make the world a little better, and lifelong memories for University of Michigan students. We hope to spread the word about the dangers of BRCA gene mutation. The mutation runs most commonly in Ashkenazi women which is why being a Hillel affiliated group is so meaningful to our organization. We hope that the money we donate to BRCA gene research will aid the way towards finding a cure.

    • Annie Slabotksy
  • logo
    Challah for Hunger

    Challah for Hunger brings people together to bake and sell challah in an effort to raise money and awareness for social justice causes.

    • Sara Bender-Bier
    For more information
  • Jewish-Detroit-Initiative
    Jewish Detroit Initiative (JDI)

    Jewish-Detroit Initiative is a student group that engages U of M students with Detroit through social action, education, recreation, and dialogue with city residents. Detroit has a lot to offer students: viable job options, community service opportunities, fun weekend activities, a vibrant Jewish history, and a growing community of young Jewish adults.

    • Allana Geoffrion
  • JewishPennicillinHotline
    Jewish Penicillin Hotline (JPH)

    Feeling sick? Then you or a friend can call on HIllel’s very own chicken soup free delivery hotline. The hotline is run entirely by students who feel passionate about the Jewish value of visiting the sick and helping out students on campus who feel under the weather and want to help brighten up their day.

    • Jeremy Klapper
    • I Want Chicken Soup
  • MBG Logo
    Maize and Blue Games

    Maize and Blue Games is a student group designed to improve the lives of children in Detroit through the arena of sports. Our goal is to provide University of Michigan students with community service opportunities through friendly competition in addition to educating underprivileged kids about higher education opportunities.

    • Zach Conley
    For more information
  • michiganmusicvs
    Music VS.

    Music Vs. uses music, performance, and other arts to create relationships with people at area nursing homes, hospitals, and other venues. It is a national initiative which was started at Yeshiva University, and is now active at more than fifteen schools worldwide.

    • Emily Camras
  • WWFFlogo
    Will Work For Food (WWFF)

    Will Work For Food (WWFF) encourages participants to volunteer in their local communities and to ask friends and family to “sponsor” their work with a donation to WWFF. 100 percent of the money raised helps our affiliate organization, Doctors Without Borders, purchase and distribute nutritional supplements to severely malnourished children.

    • Alexander Knight
    • Molly Cocco
    For more information

Culture - Program Board Contact Suzy Weiss

Groups that explore Jewish life through cultural expression.

  • 2016 SHARE Square Logo
    Students for Holocaust Awareness, Remembrance, and Education(SHARE)

    Our organization plans programs such as Shabbat dinners, speakers, the yearly Yom Ha’Shoah reading on the diag, commemorating all those who perished in the Holocaust, and the annual SHARE luncheon, where 50+ survivors from the Detroit-Metro area come to Hillel to share their stories with over 200 students.

    • Daniela Friedman
    • Gabby Roth
    For more information
  • HARTS logo
    Hillel Arts (HARTS)

    As a student group, Hillel Arts (HARTS) aims to provide an opportunity for students to connect to Judaism through artistic expression.

    • Leah Glimcher
    • Daniel Hensel
  • HillelPlayersLogo2014
    The Hillel Players

    Are you interested in acting, dancing, music, theater, improv or poetry? Then get involved with The Hillel Players! We are an arts and culture group committed to producing creative works and ensuring that members have the opportunity to showcase individual talents. In the past, The Hillel Players produced new, unpublished student work, and we hope to continue this in the future.

    • Michelle Shumunov
    • Gideon Levinson
    • Suzy Weiss
    For more information
  • KHK
    Kol HaKavod – A Cappella

    Kol HaKavod (Hebrew for congratulations) is U-M’s premiere Jewish a cappella group. We are professional, lovable, and quite attractive bunch of college students with a passion for kosher meat, JDate, and singing our little hearts out. We harmonize in U of M’s Hillel, demand attention on the Diag, and frequently belt out tunes in public bathrooms. “Challah* at us and maybe we can teach you how to be as #KolHakaAWESOME as we are.

    • Lauren Reshef
    For more information
  • OYLogo
    O.Y. Jewish Culture Group

    OY Jewish Culture seeks to engage Jewish individuals on campus in a unique and fun environment that fosters learning, connectedness, and love for Jewish Culture.

    • Andrew Cohen
    • Syndey Ungar
  • ShulchanIvritlogodraft
    Shulchan Ivrit

    Shulchan Ivrit is a club for students to come together in a casual setting to talk about daily topics (school, weekend plans, movies, etc) in Hebrew! Everyone enjoys a free beverage, courtesy of Hillel, and we meet every Thursday evening from 6pm-7pm on the lower level of the Espresso Royale on the corner of East U and South U!

    • Jillian Apel
    For more information

Outreach - Program Board Contact Inbar Lev

Groups that engage particular students and build communities.

  • hillel
    Jews on North

    Students living and taking classes on North Campus create unique Jewish experiences. Hillel supports Jewish life on North Campus by celebrating Friday Night Shabbat dinners in dorms, coffee hours to meet with arts and engineering students, and a variety of social events.

    • Davey Rosen
  • FYSHlogo2014

    FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel) is a group of Jewish Freshmen working together to create a closer community. We are the future of Hillel and work to get students involved in Hillel for years to come. We accomplish this goal through various events that create a close-knit community of Jewish Freshmen.

    • Francesca Bennett
    • Gaby Roth
    For more information
  • hillel
    Hillel Professional Network

    Engage with U-M alumni and the city of Detroit with the Hillel Professional Network!

    • Davey Rosen
  • unknown
    Jewish Engineering Association (JEngA )

    The Jewish Engineering Association (JEngA) is a student-run organization that provides a community for Jewish undergraduate and graduate students while promoting the awareness and development of Jews in the field of Engineering. JEngA organizes and co-sponsors many social and volunteering events throughout the year. It also serves as a resource for a variety of issues affecting Jewish Engineers at Michigan.

    • Evan Harris
    For more information
  • Jewish Greek Council
    Jewish Greek Council

    Jewish Greek Council is an organization that fosters a community among the Jews in Greek life. Representatives from each house relay information about council events, such as our Shabbat dinners, to their chapters. Additionally, representatives serve as a resource for their chapters to get more involved in the Jewish community on campus.

    • Amy Orlov
    For more information
    Michigan Mensch Program

    Michigan Mensch pairs an incoming freshman with an upperclassman who gives guidance on aspects of the university and Jewish life on campus. The Mensch program also organizes events for the mentor pairs to attend to encourage interaction between the mentee and mentor as well as among participants as a whole. From movie nights, to BBQs, to game nights, the Michigan Mensch Mentorship Program helps freshmen ease into life in Ann Arbor and finds aspects of Hillel they love.

    • Francesca Bennet
    • Allana Geoffrion
    • Michigan Mensch Leaders

Health & Environment - Program Board Contact Adam Horn

Groups that promote physical wellness and appreciation for the environment.

  • HayerukimLogo2014

    Meaningfully named the Hebrew word for “the greens,” Hayerukim aims to connect Judaism and environmentalism, and to establish a community at Hillel dedicated to sustainability awareness, advocacy and action.

    • Ben Savitch
    • Zoe Schlessel
    For more information
  • Health & Wellness
    Hillel Health and Wellness

    The Health and Wellness group provides Jewish students with the opportunity to practice living a healthy lifestyle.

    • Josh Ashville
    For more information
  • Hockey resized
    Hillel Ice Hockey Club

    The Hillel Ice Hockey Club actively works to ensure the positive extension of Jewish values and experiences through hockey and team activities. Games are played indoors and outdoors approximately 1-2 times a week with 30 games in a full season.

    • Evan Gerstein
    • Mitchell Kasselman
    For more information
  • Michigan-Hillel-Outdoor-Adventure
    Hillel Outdoor Adventure

    Hillel Outdoor Adventure strives to have fun and build relationships between members of the University of Michigan Hillel through the love of nature and outdoor adventures. We do programs such as canoeing, hiking, camping, skiing and snowboarding.

    • Aaron Sklar (Staff)
    For more information
  • Intramural-Sports---Block-Michigan-Mem
    IM Sports

    Hillel’s IM Sports program includes participation in over 10 team sports through the University’s Intramural Sports program, such as broomball, softball, basketball, volleyball, football, and inner tube water polo. The program offers the opportunity to meet and connect with new Hillel freinds or submit your own team of friends. Each year, Michigan Hillel competes against in-state rival MSU Hillel in a five sport, year long competition. This event represents an incredible opportunity for Hillel students to take part in this storied collegiate rivalry as competitors rather than spectators.

    • Zoe Schlessel
  • MedX
    MedX (Medical Exposure)

    Our purpose is to help students explore the medical field through various volunteer and educational opportunities. Through weekly “Bikur Cholim” (patient visits) at the University Hospital and different seminars and panels, students are able to define their future in medicine while establishing a connection to Judaism and our Ann Arbor community.

    • Daniela Friedman


Jewish life on campus supported by Hillel in addition to our 7 programming cohorts

  • hillel
    Hillel Hoops
  • hillel
    Sponsorship & Collaboration

    Looking for funding or to collaborate with another organization on campus, fill out the form in the link below or contact Allisa Newman, External Relations Coordinator.

    • Allisa Newman
  • jNetLogo150-01
    jNET – The Jewish Network

    jNET (the Jewish Network) is a peer-network engagement and entrepreneurship internship guided by Michigan Hillel’s strategic goal to develop relationships with Jewish students in order to engage them in Jewish life on campus and meaningful Jewish experiences. jNET Interns support peers to create and take ownership of initiatives and new forms of Jewish expression.

    • Gita Karasov