Prepare for Passover With Hillel

We know this Passover is different from All other Passovers! Here are some resources we have curated for you depending on your circumstances this year.

Questions to Ask Before You Begin:

  • Who might be at my seder? Who is at your seder makes a difference for your planning! 
    • Just have a smaller crowd of immediate family?
      • Check out the guides below for creative seder ideas
    • Roommates? 
      • Lots of resources below for hosting for the first time, and for hosting a low key seder, including ideas for simple menus!
    • Having a Solo Seder?
  • Will my seder be virtual?
    • Yes!
      • Great, we recommend you check out the Hey Alma, One Table, or Union for Reform Judaism guide specifically for ideas and suggestions for a virtual seder.
    • No 

Want to prepare for Passover or think beyond Seder? At the bottom we included some fun Passover-related entertainment to get you in the mood!! 

Recommended Resources:

There is actually SO much info out there- below has some recommendations and what those resources include. 

Haggadot.comgeneral resource for making a Haggadah your own, or download one to use for your seder, as well as supplements organized by Seder section.

One Table 

  • What does it include?
    • Register your seder or join a public (virtual) seder 
    • Haggadah options
    • Seder Supplements
    • Virtual platform information
    • Recipes
    • And more!

Hey Alma

  • What does it include?
    • Preparing for your virtual seder tips
    • Food/Recipe suggestions
    • How to be collaborative 
    • The Actual Seder/Setup 
    • And more!

Union for Reform Judaism

How to Hold a Passover Seder in the Year of Coronavirus

How to Make Your Virtual Seder Lively, Engaging, and Meaningful

  • What does it include?
    • General tips and ideas for seders
    • Resources for how to host virtually 
    • Recipes, videos, playlists etc. 
    • And more!


  • What does it include?
    • Pre-Passover cleaning information
    • Shopping essentials 
    • Seder Plate tips
    • Seder FAQ’s and suggestions
    • And more! 

Community-Sourced Guide

Resources for Hosting Seders in Coronavirus Times

What does it include?

    • More guide suggestions
    • Haggadot options
    • Zoom/Technology resources
    • Food/Recipes tips
    • And more!

Social Justice Seder Tips and Resources: 

Repair the World 4 questions guide that Marisa mentions in her video!


The Four People // Repair the World + Jewish Multiracial Network

Selected Passages from HIAS’s 2019 Haggadah // HIAS

Other Articles and Tips:

Michigan Hillel’s 2019 Seder Host at Home FAQ

Seder This Year is an Opportunity

Six Tips for Hosting a Solo Passover Seder

How to Choose a Hagaddah in the time of Coronavirus

Passover fun!

Our friends at San Francisco Hillel put together a guide of fun things to help get you in the passover mood. Check it out here!

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