High Holidays

Everyone is invited to join us for the High Holiday! We are excited to welcome the new Jewish year as we welcome new (and returning) classes to campus. The beginning of the year and the holidays offers a time of new opportunities for our community to gather. This page will give you an overview of Hillel’s High Holiday experience: including how to register for services and meals, as well as the leadership and participation opportunities we offer. Check out the quick links below to get more specific details about services and meals, and look out for details about programs like Tashlikh on social media!

Services and Locations

Reform, Conservative and Orthodox services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are held in locations across campus (not all at Hillel). Anyone is welcome in any service, though we ask that you register in advance, by first completing your student info card for this year. Please note the location and time for the service you register for, as they may vary.

Community members are also welcome to purchase tickets to services with this form.

Reform Services: Co-led by students and Staff, Reform High Holiday services are a mix of well-known camp tunes, the special prayers for the High Holidays, and words of Torah shared by staff. Services are accompanied by guitar and piano. Evening services are ~an hour, morning services are ~2 hours. We will also hold a concluding service at the end of Yom Kippur.

Sounds of the Shofar: A creative service with many of the main themes of Rosh Hashanah for those who want to hear Shofar and experience a shorter service (1 hour).

Conservative Services: Co-led by Staff and students, Conservative High Holiday services are conducted in Hebrew with a few supplementary English readings and words of Torah throughout. Hillel hosts services for both days of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur.* Rosh Hashanah Day 2 morning will be a bit more of an abbreviated service.

Orthodox: Orthodox services are held together with the Ann Arbor Orthodox Minyan and the students of the O-minyan, and led by both members of the community.

A Note About Missing Classes for Holidays:

The University has made faculty aware of the Jewish calendar, and encourages Faculty and Staff to avoid planning mandatory events on those days. A reasonable accommodation should be made for anyone to make up work missed for Religious Observance. If you plan to miss class for High Holiday observance, the Best Practice is to contact your professors as early as possible to let them know about your Religious Observance, to work out any necessary accommodations. Occasionally, instructors require a written note confirming participation or more explanation about religious needs. Rav Lisa is happy to work with students who need this, or have any further questions or concerns about navigating Holiday celebrations and other requirements.

Here is a link to more details about the University’s policies on religious exemptions.

Getting Started/Registering

Our Engagement Platform is designed for you to join, create, and enjoy Jewish community on campus. In order to access it, you first must create or update your Student Info Card. Then, head to the Platform to start exploring!

You will find everything here from Shabbat & High Holidays, to our many student group activities, Hillel-wide events, and peer-led programming. Specifically for the High Holidays, you’ll be able to use the Platform to register for different meals at Hillel, sign-up for services, and sign up to host your own meal in your home on campus. Check back regularly for High Holiday-themed programming like Tashlich and Yoga!

Questions about navigating the Platform? Email Haley Schreier.

Holidays at Hillel

All are welcome! Join our Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox services, plus enjoy delicious holiday meals from our own Hillel Café kosher kitchen. Students can register for holiday services and meals on The Platform.

New this year, all community members and students’ families are also welcome to join us for services. Ticket information can be found here.

Holidays at Home

Create an experience for the holidays in your home through Host At Home. We encourage students to host home-cooked holiday meals for roommates, friends, and peers over the holidays. Get started by contacting any one of our Host At Home staff or student leads: Rav Lisa Stella (Staff), Micaela Yudelman (Host at Home Coordinator), or Adele Lowitz (Host at Home Coordinator).

Featured Holiday Programming

High Holiday Meals

Our Hillel Cafe head chef is planning to cook for over 1,000 students to join us for holiday dinners, in addition to our multiple Break Fast events which will enable students to end their fasts among friends at our Hillel, in their homes, and at the many Greek houses where we provide catering.



Our Sounds of the Shofar program will be an alternative and abbreviated service, touching on the main themes of the holiday for students who are unable to participate in a full service. All tradition service offerings will also sound the shofar.

Alternative Programs

We have plans for several creative options for students to experience the holiday, such as our Reverse Taschlich sustainability event, OmKippur yoga, New Year Spiritual Bootcamp, and more.