Religious Life

Michigan Hillel is proudly a pluralistic organization, serving Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox students’ religious life needs. We have three active student-led religious life communities – Reform Community, Conservative Minyan and O-minyan, who coordinate weekly Shabbat services for their community. In addition to services, they also plan holiday meals and social programming for their community.
Celebrating our pluralism means having the chance to worship separately as well as come together as one community for Shabbat and Holiday meals and events. Join us for FREE Shabbat dinner on Friday nights every week!

Kosher on Campus

Hillel has a kosher meat kitchen, supervised by Rabbi Rod Glogower. Our chef prepares fresh and delicious meals for Shabbat, holidays, classes and student led programming. For more about our Cafe offerings, click Here (Cafe link)
Students are also able to access Kosher food from the Kosher kitchen in South Quad Dining during weekdays when the dining hall is open. This option is included in every dining meal plan, and also can be purchased individually. South Quad also provides Kosher sandwiches for purchase at various locations around campus.

Academic Accommodations for Religious Observance

The University of Michigan has a Religious holiday accommodation policy that can be found here. Students should make proactive efforts to communicate their religious observance to professors as early as possible. If you need guidance or support in this process, please contact Rav Lisa.
If you have any other questions about religious observance on campus, please contact Rav Lisa.