Legacy Giving

World-renowned for the quality of our student programming, choosing UofM as Jewish students’ university of choice is on the rise. As we work to meet the needs of those students, legacy gifts – often referred to as planned or estate gifts – remain one of the most thoughtful and unique contributions a donor can make with the power to be forever transformative for our mission. Legacy investments of past, have made us unparalleled today in terms of size and diversity, and successful in our core emphases of empowering Jewish leadership, nurturing student-driven initiatives, and cultivating a welcoming community.

Begin creating your legacy using the interest form below. If you have already made estate plans that include our Hillel, thank you for your kindness to our students. Please let us know of your plans so that we may recognize your extraordinary contribution and include you among our L’Dor V’Dor (Generation to Generation) Society supportersSee common types of legacy gifts here like bequests, charitable annuities, etc.

Thank You to our L’Dor V’Dor Society*

many of whom have generously supported us through the LIFE & LEGACY program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, in which we are proud to be a participant alongside The Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor:

  • Anonymous Supporters
  • Rabbi Jared & Sarit Anstandig
  • Dr. Adam & Tali Baruch
  • Allison Berman
  • Bobbie & Jack Berman
  • Mandell & Madeleine Berman (z”l)
  • Fraya Hirschberg Black
  • Ben Paul Brasley (z”l)
  • Stacy & Michael Carroll
  • Carl Cohen
  • Debra Chopp & Gil Seinfeld
  • Rabbi Elliot and Deborah Cosgrove
  • Bette & Alan Cotzin
  • Janice & Donald (z”l) Cutler
  • Gary Davidoff (z”l) and the Gary Davidoff Passover Seder Endowment Fund
  • Constance & Sydney Dunitz (z”l) and the Constance and Sydney Dunitz Endowment Fund of Los Angeles
  • Sylvia & Robert Eston (z”l)
  • Rita & Charles (z”l) Gelman
  • Evan Gerstein
  • Dr. Mark Goldfarb and the Mark Goldfarb Family Shabbat Fund
  • Merle and Marshall Goldman and the Merle and Marshall Goldman Endowment Fund for Jewish Campus Life
  • Hanna & Peter Goodstein
  • Stephen (z”l) & Nancy Grand
  • Shelley & Robert Greebel and the Charles and Barbara Greebel Student Assistance Endowment Fund
  • Toni Greenberg & Family and the Ruth Goldschmidt Memorial Fund for Holocaust Remembrance
  • Mary & Mark Harris
  • Cindee J. Howard
  • Rabbi Marc Israel & Abbey Frank
  • Eileen & Gary Freed
  • Sen. Judith and Samuel (z”l) Freedman
    & Martha Ann Freedman (z”l)
  • Sue & Alan Kaufman and the Kaufman Sports Endowment
  • Stacey Lee & Evan Caminker
  • Judith & Philmore Leemon (z”l)
  • Laurie Levenson & Doug Mirell
  • Janet & Ellsworth Levine (z”l) and the Janet and Ellsworth Levine Kosher Meal Fund
  • Beth & Jonathan Lowe
  • Ayelet McDonald (z”l)
  • Donna & Michael Maddin and the Donna & Michael Maddin Student Support Fund
  • Sharon & Chuck Newman
  • Ilaine Packman and the Choral Performance Fund of the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan
  • Eliyahoo & Paula Reuben (z”l)
  • Drs. Monica & Ben Rosen
  • Miriam Samson (z”l)
  • Stephanie Schechner & Brian Norton
  • Diane & Larry Seegull in memory of Ezra Seegull (’22) (z”l)
  • Susan & Larry Slabotsky
  • Sheila & Richard (z”l) Sloan
  • Bob Stone
  • Marshall Weinberg
  • H & L Weisberg Endowment

*if you are missing from this list, please do let us know right away so that we may acknowledge and thank you for your generosity and commitment.