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Jewish Penicillin Hotline

Our Jewish Penicillin Hotline is a longstanding student-led initiative and tradition at U of M. Our student delivery crew brings frozen kosher matzah ball soup (vegetarian option available) to sick students on campus, at no cost! If you or someone you know is feeling sick, please fill out the form below to place a soup order.

Supported by David and Pamela Haron

Delivery Info

*Check back soon for when soup orders resume*

Deliveries happen in the evening Monday through Thursday delivery throughout the academic year.

  • Orders can only be fulfilled when placed online via the form here or below.
  • There is a 4:00 pm deadline Monday through Thursday in order for soups to be delivered that night. Soup ordered after 4:00 pm or over the weekend will be delivered on the next soup delivery evening.
  • Delivery times are between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Please ensure the student will be home during those hours.
  • We do not deliver Friday through Sunday, Jewish and University holidays, or during the summer months.
  • If it is not convenient for the soup to be delivered in the evenings, arrangements may be made to pick up the soup at Hillel from 9-5 pm during the week.

If you would like to make a donation to support great programs like our Jewish Penicillin Hotline, please click here. Questions? Email

Reminder: please do not email your order; only orders submitted via the form can be fulfilled.

Job Opportunities

“Soup-ervisor” – The Soup-ervisor coordinates and packs all of the soup prior to delivery! $15 an hour Monday-Thursday.

Delivery Dashers – We are looking for drivers Monday-Thursday 5:30-7PM! $12 per hour for delivery dashers. You can drive multiple nights or just one night. Send your interest and availability to Hillel at