Vote No on AR 13-025.
Vote Yes on AR 13-026.

When do students vote? November 28, 29, and 30:
University of Michigan students can vote on these resolutions here at


Why is this campus-wide vote happening?
In late October, the Central Student Government (CSG) voted on a few resolutions related to the Israel-Gaza war. They rejected the passage of a hateful petition that demonizes Israel and further targets the Jewish community at the University of Michigan and also voted against a separate petition that calls on our campus community and university leaders to support all students impacted by the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza. Since CSG did not vote on either petition, both are being presented for a campus-wide referendum. 

When is the vote and who can vote?
Voting is scheduled for November 28-30th. Any registered University of Michigan student is able to vote. 

What do the petitions say?
AR 13-025 is an anti-Israel effort that smears the Jewish state with charges of apartheid and genocide and calls on the University to investigate divestment. 

AR 13-026 was written by Hillel student leaders and calls on the University to understand the personal impact these events are having on students across campus and requests that U-M seek out opportunities to bridge students together.

What is our message?
Vote no on 25, yes on 26. 

What is our Campaign Strategy?
Hillel is coordinating a full Get Out the Vote campaign to defeat petition 25 and pass petition 26. This includes:

  • A grassroots effort on campus led by students to educate their peers on the petitions and to ensure voting no on 25 and yes on 26.
  • Large scale advertising effort including signage across campus in high traffic areas, in dorms, off campus apartments and on buses. 
  • Text banking to remind students to vote
  • Social media advertising and posting on Instagram and Tik Tok
  • Engaging Get Out the Vote ambassadors to reach multiple communities on campus

How can people help?

  1. Personally read the petitions to know the facts. 
  2. Engage any Michigan students you know in conversation. Ensure they understand the content of the resolutions, the importance of their individual vote, and the impact of varied outcomes on their Jewish campus community and overall Michigan community. Follow up with those students between November 28-30 to ensure they have voted at
  3. Follow Michigan Hillel on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and share our posts and sponsored ads to lift up our collective voices.
  4. Donate to Hillel’s Get Out the Vote campaign:
  5. Thank the University for their swift response to our security needs, support of our students in classrooms and around campus, and clear condemnation of antisemitism at Laura Blake-Jones, Dean of Students, at and President Santa Ono at