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Uri Lorkis

Position: OU JLIC Co-Director

Uri and Abby Lorkis along with their daughter Naama are arriving for their first year as JLIC Directors at the University of Michigan after a year as the Assistant Directors of JLIC at Bar Ilan University in Givat Shmuel where they have lived for the past few years.

Uri grew up 45 minutes from the University in Oak Park, Michigan, is a graduate of Farber Hebrew Day School/Yeshivat Akiva, and is excited to be returning home. Upon graduating high school, Uri studied at Yeshivot Orayta and Hakotel before drafting into the IDF where he served as a paratrooper. After the army, Uri spent two years in Yeshiva, and a third year learning in the Mizrachi Musmachim Semicha Program while studying Social Sciences at Bar Ilan University.Uri likes to play hockey, jam out on guitar and piano, and loves to pick up new skills and hobbies. Contact Uri: