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Hillel Letter & Statement (George Floyd/BLM)

Combating racism is a multi-faceted practice. While we know we cannot simply think and feel that racism is wrong, there are many different things we can do to be actively anti-racist as individuals, within Jewish community, and in partnership with the greater campus community. Judaism teaches us that education is a life-long process, requiring a lot of listening, reflection and humility. This is true for activism as well. We hope the resources below are helpful to our community.


If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend starting with the campus resources, and then reading, watching or listening to some of the info in the links below, which include Jewish connections to this work. 


If you are ready for more, HERE is a compilation of resources created by others. We will be adding resources to this page as we learn of them. Please feel free to share your favorite ones with us.


If you would like to talk through these resources or get more involved in anti-racism work through Hillel, please contact: Rav Lisa at or Sarah Pomerantz at

Here are just a few books and educational materials that are great resources to build an educational foundation:

For more on Jewish Identity and Racial Identity:

Jews of Color and Jewish-specific resources:

We stand together in support of people of color both within and beyond the Jewish community. Here are some specific ways to read, listen, and learn from Jews of Color: 


I’m ready for more!

There are many guides to be anti-racist already compiled that we are linking here. These lists are live documents that have been compiled by multiple people and are not directly connected to or specifically endorsed by Michigan Hillel.

What will I find here:

  • More Books and Articles to read
  • Things to Watch
  • Podcasts to Listen to 
  • Ways to Diversify your social media consumption
  • Places to Donate

Anti-Racism Resources


Resources that includes Jewish-specific language, art, and prayers/ritual. 

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

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